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Course Requirements


The following is a listing of individual professors' requirements for their courses under the changed regulations.

Bio 15b: Students should contact their teaching fellow by May 15 to fill out course option forms.

Ec 1: Students choosing not to take the final exam this spring or next fall may receive a letter grade on available evidence or apply for the pass-fail option at the Ec Tutorial Office before May 20. All students who would presently fail will be notified May 15.

Ec 20: Meeting at 11 a.m. today in Emerscn 101 to discuss options for grades and exams.

English 70: Students enrolled since September will receive a letter grade based on mid-year grade, hourly and paper with or without final exam. Pass-fail will be given to those who complete two of these requirements. Credit will be given on the basis of a passing mid-year grade. Students enrolled since February will be graded pass-fail. if they do not take the final or will receive credit if there is insufficient evidence.

English 122b: All students should contact their section-man before May 15 to determine how their work for the course will be graded.

English 125b: An important meeting will be held at 11 a.m. today at the regular meeting place concerning course options.

English 131: Term papers are available in Warren House.

English 161: Students should contact their section-man about course options.

English 162: Students should attend a course meeting at 11 a.m. tomorrow in Sever 11 and attend section meetings on May 18.

English 177: A letter grade will be given only if students take the final and complete their reading journal. Pass-fail will be given for the journal alone or the exam alone. All others receive credit.

English 181r: Students who decide not to take the final will be graded on the term paper and section work Students who have not done the term paper will be notified tomorrow that they have a failing grade at this point.

English 270: Students who submit all written work by May 19 will receive a letter grade. All others will receive credit. Written work turned in next fall will also merit letter grades.

Fine Arts 13: Options for students are posted in the Fogg lobby. Students should inform their section leader of their choice by dropping a note in the Fine Arts box.

French 20: Jeff Green's section should call him about options at 923-9820. Papers are optional.

German A: Students should contact their section leader or come to Boylston 419 by tomorrow to make course arrangements.

Gov 1b: Students should contact their section leader about course options by May 18 or contact the Gov Tutorial Office. ext. 3249 or Professor Riley, ext. 4121.

Gov 103: Students grades will be posted outside Professor Roazen's office. 473 Broadway. If a students does not want a grade. he should indicate on the grade sheet that he opts to take pass-fail or take the final this spring or next fall. Roazen will hold office hours from 2-3 p.m. on May 18 in his office.

Gov 208c: Students who desire a letter grade should contact Professor Roazen to arrange an oral exam or just receive a pass-fail mark for the course. See Gov 103 notice for Roazen's office hours.

History 155a: Students who want a letter grade must take the final exam this spring or next fall or write a paper on a subject to be determined. Pass fail petitions must be handed in by May 19 and those in danger of failing will be notified on May 15. A general course meeting will be held at 10 a.m. tomorrow in Sever 17.

History 160b: Students who have taken the hourly or written a paper will receive credit. Those who take the final exam this spring or next fall will receive a letter grade or pass-fail if so enrolled. Students who wish to change their letter grade to pass-fail must contact Professor Bailyn before May 19.

Hum 5: Grosman's section should contact him at 547-4985 about final papers. Miss Herman's section should contact her by May 19 about grade options if they have not already done so.

Hum 8: Low's section should contact him about course options.

Hum 11: Students who want a letter grade must take the final exam and do the term paper this spring or next fall. A pass will be given to those who have a grade of at least D. from the fall term and either turn in a term paper or take the final exam (spring or fall). Credit will be awarded to those who have only a fall term grade of D. or above.

Hum 108: Students should check the note posted outside Professor Cavell's office for course options.

Hum 115b: Students should come to the General Education Office or 401 Boylston to check about course options.

Hum 121: Students desiring a letter grade must complete the stated requirement about whether equivalent work will be accepted in place of the final exam will be made on May 20. Pass-fail and credit can be awarded on the basis of work already done foregoing the final and paper if a student received a grade of C. or above on the hour exam.

Italian A: The final exam will he held as scheduled on May 22 for those wishing to take it. For questions call 623-0311.

Math 1a: Marcus's section should see Math dept. secretary today about grades/pass-fail.

Math 21b: Ghent's section will meet at 10 a.m. today in Sever 24 to talk about grades.

Phil 16: Students will be given a letter grade on the basis of work submitted thus far. These who desire a pass or credit grade should contact their section leader.

Phil 132: Please consult notice in Emerson Hall concerning exam options. Note May 19 notification.

Physics 13b: Grades for work done thus far are posted in Burr Hall.

Slavic 150: Students should indicate their options by May 19 in Boylston 300. For questions see Mr. Cherrie at 2 p.m. today or 10 a.m. tomorrow in Boylston 305. Graduate students should see Professor Setchkarey. Only mid-term grades of B or above will exempt students from the final exams. A make-up exam will be given next October for those who wish to waive their exam till the fall. Absence of a mid-term grade is sufficient evidence to fail a student.

Soc Rel 10d: Students should sign the checklist at 245 William James Hall to indicate their course options.

Soc Rel 123: Students wanting a letter grade must take the final exam either May 21 or in the fall. A grade of pass will be given to those students who have satisfactorily completed all other assignments but who will not be taking the final. Please notify Mr. Low-Beer of your decision if you have not already done so at 492-6435.

Soc Rel 151: Students who want a letter grade must submit a paper by May 18 or next fall. Students in danger of failing will be notified by May 15. All others will be given a pass.

Soc Rel 187: Students who want a letter grade must take the final exam this spring or receive a grade of "in complete" until they take the exam next fall. Students can take the course pass-fail without an exam. Call Mrs. Denny at 868-0617 about your plans.

Soc Sci 101: Students wishing a letter grade must have written a paper and must also do the take-home exam available in R. 609 at 1737 Cambridge St. Students who have done neither a paper nor the exam will be given "credit" for the course. Students wishing at a later date to fulfill the requirements either for a pass or for a letter grade may do so.

Soc Sci 110: Low's section should contact him about plans for completing the course.

Soc Sci 138: Students will receive as their final grade the mark they received on the mid-term. Students who failed the mid-term may opt for a pass-fail mark. For further questions contact Professor Wylie. A meeting will be held tomorrow and May 18 in Harvard 104 to discuss the exam.

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