Judge Dismisses Falsified Charge

A disorderly conduct charge brought against David C. Plotke '71 during the April 15 riot was dismissed Wednesday in East Cambridge District Court.

Judge Lawrence F. Feloney '43 dismissed the charge when the arresting officers' signatures on the charge appeared to be false.

There are no policemen by the names listed on the charge in existence and none of the arresting officers appeared in court.

Plotke said last night that the policemen who had arrested him on April 15 beat him and several other people repeatedly at the police station that night. A wound he received on the head required eight stitches.

"The cops who beat me didn't want to sign their real names to the charges because they were afraid I might press charges against them," Plotke said, "I don't know their real names or whichpolice force they belong to."

Feloney dismissed a disturbing-the-peace charge against another person for the same reason, Plotke said.

Five people involved in the April 15 riot received jail sentences Wednesday. The stiffest sentences-two-year and one-year jail terms-went to two Antioch College students for assaulting policemen.

The judge sentenced one of the other defendants to six months in jail for receiving stolen goods-a quart of champagne.

The only other Harvard student besides Plotke whose case came up Wednesday was Joseph R. Rackman. a second-year law student and an ordained rabbi. He was found innocent of disorderly conduct and unlawful assembly.

A total of 34 people were arrested during the riot.