Students Protest Recent Killings

About 200 people gathered at an SDS sponsored rally yesterday to protess the killings at Jackson State and Augusta. Ga. last week. The students were shot by National Guardsmen in an incident which left nine others wounded.

The rally-which was held in the Boston Common-followed a half-hour non-obstructive picket line in front of the State House. Chanting "Same enemy. unite." the predeminantly student picketers carried posters depicting two clenched same fight. workers and students must fists-one black and one white.

Few Blacks

There were no blacks in the picket line, but a handful joined the crowd late at the rally to hear speakers call for new attacks to "smash the bosses and the government."

A woman identified as a member of the Pregressive Laber Party branded racism "the lifeblood of capitalism" and told the crowd that racism cannot be eliminated as long as the "bosses" continue to exist.


"These bloodsuckers will always use the government to suppress workers and students and grind every last penny out of them." she said.

Organizers originally planned to hold the rally in front of the State House but were told by police they could not do so without a permit. The rally was then moved across the street to the Common.