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The following is a list of members inducted into the Harvard Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa on Tuesday.

Honorary members:

Jacob Black, editor of the Bibliography of American Literature: Robert B. Williamson '20, Chief Justice of the Maine Supreme Court; Justin Kaplan '45, biographer of Mark Twain, winner of the 1967 Pulitzer Prize for biography: Leroy S. Rouner '53, author. teacher, and scholar in the Philosophy of Religion: Eugene G. h Rocow, professor of Chemistry, retiring this year: and Ernst Mayr, Alexander Agassiz Professor of Zoology, winner of the National Medal for Science this year.

From Radcliffe:

Ann V. Bastion of Belvedere, Cal, and North House (Government), Claire V. Broome of San Anselmo, Cal. and East House (Biochemistry) ?Susan A. Norwood of Burbank, Cal, and East House (Linguistics and Celtic Language); Joan E. Sarnet of Beverly Hills, Cal, and North House (Social Relations).

Eve Endicott of Washington, Conn and East House (Fine Arts): Linda K. Hansen of Granby, Conn, and East House (Lingnisties and Japanese); Susan J. Schuman of New London. Conn, and East House (Fine Arts); Sarah T. Quisenberry of Highland Park, III, and East House (English); and Leah Zell Zuriff of Highland Park, III and North House (History).

Also elected were Laura K. Bachrach of Wellesley and North House (Social Relations); Barbara Gale Darwall of Gloucester and South House (English): Susan A, Kotlier of West Roxbury and East House (English); Shelley B. Resenbloom of Brookline and North House (Psychology): Ruth L. Sharpe of Northampton and East House (Biology).

Margaret Gordon Robinson of Lawrence. N. Y. and East House (English): Sherry R. Turkle of Brooklyn, N. Y. and South House (Social Studies): Susan J. Dyshel of Philadelphia and South House (German Languages and Literature): Ruth E. ten Grotenhuis of Doorwerth (Geld). Netherlands and South House (Far Eastern Languages).

From Harvard:

Alfred M. Ajami, Jr., of Terrytown, N. Y., and Lowell House (Biology): Clay P. Phipps, of Kingsport. Tenn., and Lowell House (Psychology): William A. Ball of Titusville, Pa., and Lowell House (Psychology): Lawrence R. Berger, of Jamaica, N. Y. and Dunster House (Biochemical Sciences): David H. Blair III, of Princeton, N. J. and Kirkland House (History and Literature); David Blumenthal, of New York and Leverett House (Government): Calvin S. Bruce. of Milwaukee. Wise., and Leverett House (Bi?logy); Jack D. Burke, of Richmond, Va., and Leperett House (Government); Alan C. Camphell of Ann Arbor, Mich., and Eliot House (History and Literature).

Gary E. Chamberlain, of Hyde Park, and Eliot House (Economies); David M. Cohen, of Evanston, III., and Dunster House (History); Harlan P. Cohen, of Dallas Texas and Eliot House (Government): Stephen A. Cole, of Rockville Centre. N. Y., and Eliot Hiuse (Social Studies); John W. Curtis, of Hampton, Va., and Lowell House (History and Literature?); Jerem?ah F. Donovan, of Norwood and Kirkland House (English): Andrew S. Effron, of Poughkeepsie. N. Y. and Leverett House (Government); Paul E. Ehrlich, of Schenectady. N. Y., and Winthrop House (Mathematies); Loftin E. Elvey. Jr., of Norwood and Adams House (English); Arnold D. Feldman, of University City, Mo., and Leverett House (Mathematies): Alexander J. Field, of Lexington and Leverett House (Economies).

Robert A. Fischer, of Franklin Square. N. Y., and Kirkland House (Physics); Mitchell S. Fishman, of Hicksville, N. Y., and Leverett House (Government); Roger A. Fleischman of Philadelphia. Penh., and Eliot House (Biochemical Sciences): William R. Galeota, Jr., of Columbia, Mo., and Lowell House (Social Studies); Jerry Gechter, Pacific Palisades, Calif., and Lowell House (Mathematics); Jerald R. Gerst, of Yarmouth. lowa and Adams House (Social Studies): Larry E. Goad, of Louisville, Ky., and Winthrop House (Astronomy): Mark F. Gerzon, of Indianapolis. Ind??, and Dudley House (Social Studies); Stephen Paul Gold?n, of Swampscott and Kirkland House: Henry Greenspan H of New York and Winthrop House (History and Literature); Roger P. Guthrie, of Napa, Calif., and Eliot House (Chemistry); James B. Haley of Nevada City, Calif., and Eliot House (Classics).

Eric C. Cotter of Saginaw, Mich., and Eliot House (Biology); Stephen Hartz, of Belmont and Leverett House (Social Studies); Barton S. Herskovitz, of BalaCynwyd. Penn., and Kirkland House (Social Studies): Edward R. Houston, of Cos Cob. Conn., and Dunster House (Visual Studies); Kenneth W. Jost, of Nashville. Tenn., and Leverett House (History): Jon A Lanham, of Trenton, N. J., and Dudley House (English): Charles A, Linker, of Scarsdale, N. Y., and Dudley House (Biochemical Sciences); Ronald T. Luke, of Dallas, Tex., and Kirkland House (Social Studies); Barry A. Margolin, of Queens Village and Kirkland House (Social Studies); Kenny R. Marotta, of Olivette, Mo., and Kirkland House (English).

Rager H. Hardin, of Greensboro, N. C., and Leverett House (Chemistry and Physics); Lawrence A. May, of Brooklyn, N. Y. and Eliot House (Economies); Haynes R, Miller, of Port Washington, N. Y., and Winthrop House (Mathematics); Mark A. Mostow, of Leverett House (Applied Mathematics): Thomas H, Ochiltree H. of Washington, D. C., and Lowell House (History): Steven A, Paris of Dorchester and Winthrop House (Chemistry); Peter C. Perdue, of Port Washington, N. Y. and Dunster House (History): George T. Perry. of Brewton, Ala., and Dunster House (History): Woody N. Peterson of Canton, O., and Leverett House (English): Henry C. Pinkham, of Bordeaux, France and Lowell House (Mathematics): John A, Pinto, of Rome, Italy and Adams House (Fine Arts): Alan M. Polinsky, of Clayton, Mo., and Lowell House (Economies): Angel M. Rabasa of Miami, Fla., and Dunster House (History): John C. Reitz, of Ann Arbor. Mich., and Lowell House (German Literature): David Riemer, of Milwaukee, Wise., and Winthrop House (History and Literature); Stephen K. Roddenbury, of Jocksonville. Fla., and Eliot House (History of Science); Jay S. Rosen, of Brooklyn, N. Y. and Leverett House (Mathematics): Michael J. Schiffer, of Philadelphia., Pa., and Dudley House (Social Relations): Michael L, Schler, of Hantagh, N. Y., and Kirkland House (Mathematics): Donald E. Scott, of Plainfield. III., and Dudley House (Economies): Jeffrey A. Seder, of Jenkintown. Pa., and Dunster House (Social Relations); Robert E. Shostak, of Arlington. Va., and Kirkland House (Applied Mathematics).

Jo?hua H. Smith, of Berkeley, Calif., and Dunster House (Linguisties): Max well D. Solet, of Arlington, Va., and Eliot House (Government); Nathaniel I. Spiller, of Cambridge and Winthrop House (Government); Thomas A. Stewart, of Glencoe, I?., and Adams House (English): Henry A, Tanz, of Tueson. Ariz., and Quindy House (Physics): Allan B. Taylor, of North Haven, Conn., and Leverett House (Social Studies): Robert T. Teske, of Milwaukee. Wise., and Quincy House (Folklore and Mythology): Warren T. Treadgold, of Seattle. Wash., and Eliot House (History and Literature); B, Ko-Young Tung, of Tokyo. Japan, and Quincy House (Physics): Bruce C. Vladek, of New York and Winthrop House (Government): Rebert F, Wasserstrom, of Dewitt, N. Y., and Lowell House (Folklore and Mythology).

Arthur B. Weissman, of Elizabeth, N. J. and Leverett House (English): Olin G. Wellborn, of Alvin, Tex., and Quincy House (English); Mahatma Kane Jeeves, of Lompoc, Minn., and Dunster House (Physics of the Fine Arts); Jeffrey W. Willbrand, of St. Charles. Mo., and Quincy House (History and Science); Marcus W. Wright, of Charlotte, N. C., and Quincy House (Mathematics): Wording Erik White, of Lawrence, Kans., and Lowell House (Biology); Robert L. Yarrish, of Cherry Hill, N. J. and Leverett House (Language and Literature); Aron Zysow, of Brookline and Dudley Houre (Classics),

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