Daly Aids McCloskey Book Effort

Charles U. Daly, University vice president for government and community affairs, have assisted Rep. Paul N. McCloskey (R-Calif.) in writing a book tentatively scheduled for publication next February by Simon and Schuster.

The book, with a working title of Truth and Untruth, "charges Nixon with mishandling the public trust" and shows "low administration power has gotten out of hand and how little the public and the Congress are keeping the administration honest." Diane Newstadter, senior editor of Simon and Schuster, said yesterday.

"It focuses on Nixon because Nixon is in and McCloskey is challenging him" Newstadter added. McCloskey has announced he will run against President Nixon in the New Hampshire primary next year.

Daly was "integrally involved with this book," Newstadter said, adding that "Chuck (Daly) was at all times acting as editor and whip, and at times a harsh critic and a Simon Legree."

"Daly would say: "I would advise that you discuss this topic and that,' and would plan very closely what would be included and how each chapter would shape up," Newstadter said. "He was a major force in the book, but Pete McCloskey actually wrote it."

An aide to McCloskey said yesterday that the congressman had spent "all his spare time for the past six months working on the book."