Graham Captures Seat On Cambridge Council

Although complete results of last Tuesday's race for the Cambridge City Council will not be know until sometime today, as of Saturday night two candidates endorsed by the Cambridge Civic Association (CCA) and three incumbents had gained the quota necessary to win seats.

Vellucci Back

Saundra Graham, a black radical, and Barbara Graham, a liberal, both won with CCA backing, Walter J. Sullivan, Alfred E. Vellucci, and Thomas W. Danehy will return to the Council.

The delay in processing returns is due to Cambridge's proportional representation system which allows voters to list preferences for the nine Council seats.

Two other of the twelve CCA-endorsed candidates, Robert P. Montcreiff and Henry F. Owens Ill, are expected to win places on the Council. Daniel P. Clinton, an independent, is 300 short of the necessary 2800 vote quota, but he also is expected to gain a seat.

Duehay in Balance

A close race between Francis H. Duchay, backed by the CCA, and independent Leonard J. Russell will decide the balance of the Council. As of Saturday night, Duchay had a 160 vote lead over Russell.

Montcrieff said yesterday that the CCA slate helped to keep voters favorable to reform together. "What happened was that new young voters voted the CCA slate. They voted for Graham and others close to them first but they also voted for those less known to them," he said.

Independents Lose

Jerry Cole, former Executive Director of the CCA, said last night that the independent candidates lost hundreds of ballots because people who voted for them did not indicate preferences for other candidates as they are entitled to under proportional representation.

"Real power is riding in the balance. If the CCA elects five members to the City Council, then there will be a tremendous reform movement and patronage politics will be out." Cole said.