Lampoon Admits First Two Women

The Harvard Lampoon ended its 95 year history as an exclusively male organization last Sunday when Elizabeth S. Stern '72 and Patricia Marx '75 were among 12 people elected to the staff.

"It was inevitable," James H. Siegelman '73, Lampoon president, said yesterday.

Past editors construed a rule in the Lampoon constitution stipulating that two consecutive executive boards had to approve any "radical change" in the organization to mean that women could not "comp" for admission to the humor "fraternity", Siegelman said.

This year's executive board officially opened the blue, red and yellow castle doors to women, as the second consecutive board to approve the change.

When asked what actual changes he thinks women will bring to the Lampoon. Siegelman predicted a greater alteration in the Lampoon's image with the Harvard community than in its humor or social character.