Fencers Beat Trinity In Dull Match, 17-10

The Crimson fencing team easily defeated a weak Trinity College team, 17-10, in a match held in the Hilltoppers' new sports complex in Hartford, Conn. It was Harvard's fourth victory against only two defeats.

The Crimson dominated at two of the weapons, winning both the foll and the saber, 7-2. At the epee, however, the Harvard squad lost six out of nine bouts.

The Crimson failed to win more epee bouts because two of its top stars did not compete at the weapon. Micky Irvings, co-captain, switched over to fence foil, and Geza Tattrallay, whose mobility was hampered this season by a bad knee, sat out his last two bouts when the joint became especially painful.

Fencing for the first time at foil, Irvings showed some unusual finesse as he won all three bouts, allowing his opponents only one touch. Dave Fichter and Ron Bernstein each won two out of three bouts. All-American Tom Keller, who injured his hand in amateur competition Sunday, did not make the trip.

After the first saber team won all three of their bouts in the first round, coach Edo Marion replaced them with Terry Valenzuela. Rick Sticketti, Emil Godfrey, and Walt Morris. With the exception of Sticketti, all of them won at least one bout.

The Harvard sabermen were so much better than their Hilltepper counter-parts that they were able to finish all nine bouts in about as much time as it took the foil team, fencing on another strip, to fence three bouts. "We were done so quickly, that we spent most-of our time practicing at the other end of the gym. We didn't even see the rest of the match," Larry Cetrulo, the Crimson's number one saber man, said last-night.

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