Women in 'Lampoon' This Term?

The Harvard Lampoon may dechauvinize its ranks by the end of the term, provided its new Executive Board and its Trustees approve.

Last fall, Martin H. Kaplan '71, then President, said that the Lampoon constitution prohibited such a major change in the magazine's operations unless it were first approved by two consecutive Executive Boards and the Trustees.

The constitution also seemed to imply that such a change would have to be proposed at the start of a board's tenure. Since the first new board did not take office until this month, the Lampoon could not go co-ed until February 1972.

However, Kaplan said yesterday that his board had voted in favor of admitting women and that the new Executive Board, headed by James H. Siegelman '73, President, can vote to send the co-ed proposal to the Trustees this year if it chooses.

Siegelman said last night that the Board has reached no official decision.