RUS to Conduct Poll at Radcliffe On CHUL's Plan for Co-residency

The Radcliffe Union of Students (RUS) decided Tuesday night to poll Radcliffe students to determine their reaction to the CHUL's recommended plan for full co-residency.

According to Ann Gledening '72, organizer of the poll, some RUS members think that the CHUL's proposed minimum of 40 women in each House is insufficient to make women feel comfortable.

The CHUL plan also limits the number of Radcliffe seniors who will be permitted to live off-campus and prohibits Radcliffe upperclassmen from moving between Radcliffe Houses.

"I don't think the CHUL has bothered to consult its constituency," Glendening said yesterday. "We want to discover if people are concerned enough to force reevaluation of the CHUL plan by not filling out their room applications."

In order to get maximum response and to insure the poll's legitimacy, RUS members will approach students individually by going door-to-door through Radcliffe dorms today and Friday.

RUS hopes to collate the results of the survey by February 21, when they will decide what official action to take in relation to the CHUL plan.

One RUS member explained yesterday, "The main thing is to get things going quickly. We have to act before February 26 when room applications are supposed to be handed in at Harvard."