RUS Offers Radcliffe Sex Counseling

An RUS-sponsored sex information service began counseling Radcliffe and Harvard students in Currier A-207 last week.

After several months of discussions between representatives of RUS, Radcliffe Women to Keep Mind and Body Together, and other interested person, RUS allotted funds March 10 from its $16,000 treasury to pay for the operating expenses of the service.

Pamela Lowry, now an Institute Scholar at the Radcliffe Institute, is directing the service. She has worked with Planned Parenthood, the British Family Planning-Association and the Pregnancy Counseling Service.

May Be Limited

The walk-in service is open to both men and women. However, if it has to be limited due to lack of time, Radcliffe students will receive first priority, Lowry said.

The service is not intended to replace any medical or psychiatric services now provided by the Health Services. "A lot of people feel they can't make an appointment at the Health Services to ask the kind of question they might here," Lowry said. "Some things are just too involved or too subtle."

She cited as typical a person who drops into the office and casually mentions that "a friend" felt uneasy about oral-genital contact.

Bunting Sympathetic

Although the Radcliffe Administration was unable to provide funds, Mary I. Bunting, president of Radcliffe, appeared very sympathetic to the idea, according to women involved in the planning stage.

In addition to her office hours, Lowry is available to talk to any discussion group, seminar or dormitory. She has also listed an emergency phone number.