RAND Analysis of Pathet Lao Released

The Harvard University Press has published a study funded by the Rand Corporation which gives a detailed description of the origins, evolution, and present leadership of the Pathet Lao.

Ten copies of the book, surrounded by American toy soldiers and a shiny red helicopter from Woolworth's, are now on display in the Harvard University Press arcade in Holyoke Center.

The study, conducted by Paul F. Langer, a member of the social science department, of the Rand Corporation, and Joseph J. Zasloff, professor of political science at the University of Pittsburgh, traces the growth of the Lao revolutionary movement, the role the North Vietnamese played in the movement, and gives an assessment of the present struggle.

Sharon Rupp, manager of the arcade, set up the display not as a protest against the book-which she has not read-but against the war. "I was too scared to paint a peace sign," she said yesterday, "so I decided to put this up instead."