CRR Panels Hear Charges Against 11 More Students

Members of the Committee on Rights and Responsibilities (CRR) have heard the cases of all but two of the 21 people still accused of helping disrupt the March 26 Counter Teach-In" in Sanders Theatre.

The Administration dropped charges last week against two students, and a member of Students for a Just Peace (SJP) dropped charges against a third. The two final hearings are scheduled for Wednesday.

The CRR probably will begin reviewing the cases next week and will announce its verdicts later this month.

Law Faculty members Vern Countryman and Walter A. Reiser Jr., representing the Administration, presented evidence against five students on Friday and Saturday, raising the number of Administration prosecutions thus far to ten.

SJP members presented evidence against seven students on Friday and Saturday, raising their number of prosecutions to 12. Three people whose cases have been heard were charged both by the Administration and by an SJP member.


Six of the 19 people whose cases have been heard did not attend their hearings. No defense was presented in these six cases.

The first Administration case on Friday involved James P. Stodder '72, who was accused of helping disrupt the "Counter Teach-In," "principally" by throwing objects toward the stage. Evidence against him consisted of a portion of the United Press International (UPI) film of the incident that showed him making a throwing motion toward the stage from the back of Sanders.

Stodder admitted to the CRR panel that he had thrown objects toward the stage and claimed that the objects were marshmallows. He brought a bag of marshmallows to his hearing and asked members of the CRR panel to throw them at him while he talked.

This exhibition, Stodder said, would show the panel that being hit by marshmallows-even at close range-does not prevent a person from speaking. The panel members declined to throw the marshmallows.

Two freshman SJP members testi-fied Saturday against Paul Parravano '73, a blind student whom one of them-Stephen P. Rosen '74-had accused of contributing to the disruption of the "Counter Teach-In."

Rosen claimed that Parravano "continuously" shouted obscenities at the stage for about one-and-a-half minutes, while Alex B. Kummel '74 testified that he had seen Parravano chanting.

Parravano denied cursing during the "Counter Teach-In" and told the CRR panel that he had chanted only when he was under the impression that no one was trying to speak on stage. Trying to show the panel that his chanting had been intermittent, he played for them a tape recording he had made at the "Counter Teach-In."

"I chanted out of protest, not with intent to disrupt," Parravano told the panel. "I thought that the people on stage not only were supporting the war but were in some way responsible for carrying it on."

Mark Kaplan '71, accused by the Administration of clapping and chanting, told a panel on Saturday that he had not intended to disrupt the "Counter Teach-In" but had become angered by the insults of speaker Dan Teodoru.

Kaplan and three witnesses testified that a wad of paper which Teodoru threw into the audience at Sanders had hit the defendant.

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