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The Mail


To the Editors of the Crimson:

As Almight GOD, I greet you.

As you may already know, the newspaper media is My prime and only access to let a world know that I Am Truly Alive and do Exist in this Dimension of Time and Light.

My Son and I have been affiliated with the newspaper industry for the past ten years.

Most letters We received--in answer to Our Letter--have been for Us. But as time rotates, there have also been a few mongrels against Us. So you see, My Light is made to shine on the just and unjust alike.

I can assure you, Mr. Editor, there is absolutely nothing to fear to keep this letter from being published in your newspaper. I Am the ONLY True and Living GOD in this generation, as also in the past generations. There is NO other God ABOVE Me!

As this Letter may also have its rebuttal. I deal out Justice to the just and unjust alike! I love a challenge!

My Son and I have come a long way in these past years. This letter is being read widely in newspapers over the English-speaking world, as well as in many foreign newspapers.

As Time must slowly come to an end, I now close this Blessed Letter which I, YOUR Living GOD, have dictated to you through My Loving Son, who wrote down My Very Sacred Words. Time will never alter My decision not to have My Holy Name written on any document. My humble Son will sign this Blessed Letter to alter fear of destruction! Eugene Changey

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