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By James D. Blum

Senator George McGovern presented a seven point plan to end U.S. involvement in the Vietnam war in a nationally-televised address last night.

The plan states that:

* Immediately following his Inauguration, McGovern would order a halt to all bombing and other acts of force in Indochina. The U.S. would also stop all flow of military supplies to Indochina and withdraw all forces and equipment within 90 days.

* The United States would announced that it will no longer interfere in South Vietnam's internal politics, and that it would help obtain international acceptance for any regime that might take power.

* Vice President Shriver would go to Hanoi and other diplomats would go to Laos and Cambodia to speed negotiations on the release of prisoners of war.

* All U.S. airbases in Thailand would be closed and the U.S. fleet would be transferred away from the South China Sea.

* The U.S. would join other nations in repairing the war damage in Indochina.

* The McGovern administration would move to pass congressional legislation providing adequate assistance to Vietnam veterans.

* After the war is over and the POW's are repatriated. draft resisters would be allowed to return to the U.S. and urged to volunteer for two years of public service at subsistence wages.

McGovern dismissed demands that war crimes tribunals in the U.S. affix blame for the conflict. "This is not the time for recrimination but for reconciliation," McGovern said.

Despite peace rumors emanating from Paris and Saigon, McGovern said that he feared that four more years of the Nixon administration would bring only continued war.

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