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Eliot and Leverett are picked to be the best House tackle football teams by a narrow margin, five of the seven coaches said yesterday. Sources from Kirkland and Quincy were unavailable for comment.

The two clubs battled to a 0-0 tie in the mud last Thursday in a game in which Leverett surprised a deeply talented but luckless Eliot House team. Eliot began to catch fire late in the second half, but it was too late to score the probable winning touchdown.

In other House games. Mather discouraged Lowell early in the first period and proceeded to edge them, 6-0. Quincy beat Kirkland in another close match, 6-0. Winthrop was idle.

Since the teams all appear to be even, there will be no "big games" until the season develops further. Injuries, field position, and luck, therefore, shall be important factors the entire year.


ELIOT HOUSE has over 30 players out, which is at least ten more than any other team. They are known to take House ball more seriously than any of the other teams and are currently defending champions. Coach Tom Mesereau said that his team had a "bad day" against Leverett but still would have won had time not expired. He also said that that performance was no indication of Eliot's real talent.

"Any House that thinks that that's the best we can play is in for a big shocker." He said his club's main assets are the depth and the talent of his players. Asked about Eliot's chances to win the championship, he earnestly stated that. "We think we'll win it."

LEVERETT HOUSE employed Eliot in the first half of Thursday's tie and thought they would have won the game had not their only score been called back. Coach Dan Scoppetts said that his offense was effective, simple, and largely ground-oriented. The defense operates from a 6-2 alignment against which "Eliot didn't even try to go up the middle."

QUINCY HOUSE should be a high finisher, the other couches conceded. Despite the fact that little is known about their win over Kirkland, they are highly respected, although not considered to be in the Eliot-Leverett class.

WINTHROP HOUSE has had trouble prodding its linemen out to practice, but player Dan Donovan feels that come game-time "We can play with anybody." He also added. "We'll just have to see if we win or not." He also said that the performance of Winthrop's many new sophomores will have a good deal to do with their success this year.

MATHER HOUSE coach John Volpe reported that his team's passing and defense were outstanding in Mather's 6-0 nipping of Lowell. He also said that Mather had a number of sophomores without experience, but that they played well in the wan. He predicted that his own team would probably finish fourth.

LOWELL HOUSE was at a particular disadvantage against Mather due to last week's rain's effect on their passing game, club mentor Andy Kincade commented. He said that they have a shot at the title but that either I Eliot or Leverett should win it.

KIRKLAND HOUSE was allowed to field six players from Dudley House the to their shortage of eligible athletes. The are reputed to he tough, but were not especially impressive in their loss to Quincy.

October 17

Lowell vs Leverett

Quincy vs Winthrop

Mather vs Kirkland

October 19

Leverett vs Winthrop

Quincy vs Mather

Eliot vs Lowell

October 25

Leverett vs Kirkland

Quincy vs Lowell

Winthrop vs Eliot

October 31

Eliot vs Mather

Kirkland vs Winthrop

Quincy vs Leverett

November 2

Eliot vs Kirkland

Mather vs Leverett

Lowell vs Winthrop

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