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Two former Polaroid employees and members of a national ID watchdog group demonstrated yesterday against Harvard's use of ID cards and attacked the new science center as a "symbol of Polaroid's key support of the apartheid in South Africa."

Ken Williams, the black photographer who led 1970-71 fight against the use of Polaroid's identification systems in South Africa and who now heads people Against National Identity Cards (PANIC) urged students to refuse Id Cards He said they are an extension of the same system of repression used in South Africa.

"Polaroid's photographic ID equipment is the keystone of the apartheid in South Africa," Williams added.

Williams attacked the science center as a bastion of the scientific technology which seeks to control and repress "basic human social and political rights." The slogan: Polaroid + ID equals Fascism was pinted on the walls of the center.

Williams said PANIC plans to demonstrate at the center when Edwin H. Land, president of Polaroid who earmarked $12.6 million for the science center comes to open the building.

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