South House Rejects Advisory Group

House Will Not Elect Members

The South House Committee refused to name representatives yesterday to President Bok's newly proposed student-faculty-alumni advisory committee on shareholder responsibility.

In a letter sent to Bok yesterday, the South House Committee criticized the advisory committee as being "merely advisory and denying students the power to vote on final decisions."

The letter also objected to the procedure for selecting student members. Bok's plan called for representatives to be selected by the President and the deans of the College.

Bok proposed two committees to decide all questions of the University's responsibility as a corporate shareholder two weeks ago. He set up the Advisory Committee on Shareholder Responsibility as a counsel--with no voting power--to a four-man subcommittee of the Corporation.

Under Bok's plan, the subcommittee would hold all decision-making power in shareholding questions.


The proposal for the advisory committee says the President will appoint the five students, five alumni and five faculty members to the advisory committee, upon nomination of the deans.

"If the intent of the committee is to represent students, then there's absolutely not reason why the Administration should select them," Josh Schwartz '73, a member of the South House Committee, said yesterday.

Schwartz gave copies of the South House letter to House representatives at a meeting of the Committee on Community and Student Relations yesterday. The CSCR decided that it was too late to propose an alteration of the advisory committee's structure for this year.

The CSCR, which also decided to disband at yesterday's meeting, said they would try to propose a new election process of next year's advisory committee as their final action.

Dean Whitlock said he thought President Bok would be willing to discuss the election procedure for the advisory committee with the South House Committee. No meeting is presently scheduled however.

Twelve of the 14 houses have already submitted the names of student representatives to Whitlock.