the stage

The Threepenny Opera. A fine pedigree, extanding from John Gey's 18th Century original. The Begger's Opera, to its adaptation by Bertoit Brecht and Kurt Weill in the twenties, comes through the excellent Leverett House production unbesmirched. The Old Library Theatre sees a bit of the ultra-violence as the Knife spills the opera's good Mend freely. Here comes a big, but there goes the neighborhood.

The Inspecter General. The Harvard Dramatic Club's latest offering has John Rudman imperanating the Inspector General and other actors impersonating the cast of Nikolai Gogol's 19th century satire on the bureaucratic life of czarist Russia. While director George Hamlin`s tepid orchestration keeps the production off-key, the general competence makes it at least hummable.

Slow Dance on the Killing Ground, Three characters in a psychological bar room brawl try each other and, then the audience. Jean Kalavski`s direction is admirable, while the social drama of a decade ago ranges from powerted deadly.

BOSTON REPERTORY THEATRE, Thurs. and Fri. The The Little Prince, Wed, and Sat., The Night Thereau Spent in Jail, Sat. met, and Sun. The Thirteen Clocks, Eves at 6:30 p.m., min at 2.

THE NEW PHOENIX REPERTORY COMPANY O`Neils The Great God Brown opens Monday, at 7:30 p.m. at the Colonist, in repertory with Mollere's Don Juan, opening Tuesday.


BOSTON CENTER FOR THE ARTS. Barber of Seville at 8.


CARAVAN THEATRE, Waiting for Godot at 9.

CHARLES PLAYHOUSE. One Flow Over the Cuckoo`s Nest 7:30, mats sat, and Sun. at 3.

ELIOT HOUSE, Slow Dance on the Killing Ground at 8.

COLONIAL THEATRE, Comedy at 7:30, mats Thurs, and Sat. at 2.

HAYDEN HALL (BU), lolanthe at 8.

HUB THEATRE CENTER. Glass Menagerie at 8:30.

INMAN SQUARE. The prepesition at 8 and 10.

LEVERETT HOUSE. Thereophy Opens at 8.

LOEB EX. These Mack plays at 7:30.

LOEB MAINSTAGE. The Inspector General at 8.

PUBLIC THEATRE. The Servant of Two Masters at 8.

TUFTS ARENA THEATRE. Macbeth at 8:15.