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Dake It Or Leave It

MICHAEL 'DEACON' DAKE (00) Touch Football Captain


HOME: South Bend, Indiana

PREP SCHOOL Jackson Senior High

AGE: 21

MAJOR: Biochemistry

CAREER PLANS: Drum Major for Notre Dame Band.

MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: On November 17 at the executive dinner for Cambridge's Only Breakfast Table Daily, drank 14 Hoosier specials en route to a record-shattering performance for alcohol consumption. Dake, by his own admission, had little intention of making a bid to shatter the World Hoosier special record, but "I just got to that fifth round, and I couldn't stop. I got to singing the Notro Dame fight song and right in the middle of maitre Jacques I got up and started that famous Notre Dame marching step on top of the tables. I marched from patron to patron, took a right onto the sit-down bar, leaped over to the bandstand and did a rendition of "Yes Sir, That's say (Hoosier) Baby. Everybody really dug it." The performance, which won him an invitation to Ted Mack's Original Amateur Hour and an honorary membership to the Adams House Folklore Colloquium, was panned back at the Breakfast Table Daily headquarters, an folks got to wondering where the hell "Ole Deac" was. You see it was getting late and the Crime was wondering whether or not he was going to come through with a place that was necessary for the next day's paper. Phoned at Maitre Jacques, Deae mumbled "I-I-I'll be there in just a minute." He never showed.

LEADERSHIP QUALITIES Captain and two-way performer on the Crimson touch football team. Senior Marshall and good humor man. Leader of the Crime sports hordes. Travel coordinator for the Crimson touch team. In an excursion to New York before the Harvard-Columbia game, he drove the squad into the city. Practicing for the New York 500 (traffic fine dollars) Dake successfully challenged each and every cabble for the off-the-line-first title Dake ran three red lights, took a corner on two wheels in front of a New York's finest patrol car, consumed three dogs and a mess of kraut at Nathan's Hotdogs and led a pilgrimage into a Broadway show wearing coveralls and a "Notre Dame Phys. Ed" shirt. Greeted regular theater patrons with a cheery. "HEY, HEY, HEY" at the door and was the biggest "Broadway Buddha" for mayor.

HOBBIES: Journalistic Dabbler; Coors Beer Brewery, South Bend, Indiana.

LAST BOOKS READ: "Heloise's Hints for Whole some Housekeeping," "Semi-Tough," "The Bartenders Mannual."

FAVORITE DRINK: The Hoosier Special (two jiggers of Jack Daniels, a glass of skim milk, tow tablespoons of Bosco, a marischino cherry.)

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