Sloppy Ruggers Give Brown 6-6 Tie

The Harvard rugby club playing most of the game in Brown territory and forcing the Bruins to play without two of its men for the last 12 minutes of the game nevertheless settled for a 6-6 tic in muddy conditions Saturday in Cambridge.

The Crimson actually beat themselves, tumbling the wet ball and blowing numerous scoring opportunities all morning.

"It was really a frustrating game-our backs were faster and our forwards were stronger, but we lost the ball an uncountable number of times and just could never come up with the smooth, coordinated play to get the points on the board," team captain Alex Wiggen explained.

"It was ridiculous," look Tom McKinley added "We should have scored 12 times as many points as we did."

The Crimson had possession of the ball most of the game, consistently winning scrums, line-outs and loose rucks, but simply could not capitalize.


"We definitely dominated the game--possession is the key thing in rugby, and if you have the ball all the time you're supposed to win," Wiggen said. "But we just couldn't get it together."

The game's first score was a Harvard try near the end of the first half, when the surge of the Crimson's forwards drove a Brown serum back into the Bruins' end zone, where McKinley and Russ Bradshaw pounced on the loose ball for four points. A conversion kick by Adrian Tew put Harvard in front, 6-0.

Brown evened the match midway through the second half, as a Bruin player scooped up the ball from a downed Crimson and bulled ten yards for a try. Brown's conversion kick completed the game's scoring, making the tally 6-6.