the stage


Don Jean. Moliere kicks sand in the face of the romantic hero in the New Phoenix Repertory Company's bright. Broadway-bound production.

The Great God Brown. The New Phoenix Repertory might have everything in the way of style (Director Hal Prince) and good intentions (inexpensive student tickets), but Eugene O'Neill's play is a bare idea that would look better fully clothed. The play has some interesting affectations, with actors wearing masks and aspirations to surrealism. O'Neill was hunting for an expressive technique that he finally found in the thinking asides of Strange Interlude, but he certainly doesn't find the right technique here.

The Night Thoreau Spent In Jail. Trying to re-create the success of their Inherit the Wind, authors Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee can't do for Henry David Thoreau what they did for Clarence Darrow. Ideas are thick and the drama is this, although audiences don't seem to mind.

Dames at Son. Yesteryear's musical singing and dancing at the Loeb.

BOSTON REPERTORY THEATRE. Thurs. and Fri.. The Little Prince. Wed. and Sat., The Night Thoreau Spent In Jail Sat. mat. and Sun. The Thirteen Clocks. Eves at 8 p.m., mat. a 2.


CARAVAN THEATRE. Waiting for Godot at 9.

CHANTICLEER DINNER THEATRE, (Rt 133 in Rowley) The Fantasticks Fri. and Sat. at 9.

COLONIAL. The New Phoenix Repertory Company's program has The Great God Brown and Moliere's Don Jean on alternating dates. Mats, Thurs. and Sat. at 2, eves at 7:30.

HUB THEATRE CENTER. Glass Menagerie at 8:30.

INMAN SQUARE. The Proposition at 8 and 10.

LOEB EX. Dames at Sun at 7:30.

LOEB MAINSTAGE. Subject to Fits at 8.

NEW THEATRE. (12 Holyoke St.) Play Stringdberg opens Tues. at 7:30.

NORTHEASTERN U. AUDITORIUM. The Trojan Women at 8:30.

PUBLIC THEATRE. The Servant of Two Masters at 8.

RAMADA INN SMORGASHORD THEATRE. (Rte. 1 in Dancers) Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Parts Thurs. Sat. at 9. Sun. mat.

ST. CLEMENTS. (1105 Boylston St.) Saturday Evening Revue, Fri. and Sat. at 8, Sun. at 6.

WHEELOCK AUDITORIUM. The Soon Queen at 8, Sat. mat. at 2.

WILBUR THEATRE. Godspell at 7:30, mats. Wed. and Sat. at 2.