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To the Editors of The Crimson

Last night at Adams House I went to a seminar sponsored by the Institute of Politics and held by Seymour Hersh of the New York Times, a man of whom I had the highest opinion. I wanted to see him and to hear him speak. To my dismay, instead of the honest journalist I had expected I found a bigot, who began a story of a German doctor in Vietnam by telling us that there was a "German hospital ship off Danang treating GI's, presumably Germany's contribution to the free world's effort-which perhaps should have been named The Auschwitz". Upon my request he repeated the terrible mane and I had to leave in anger and disgust.

A hospital ship is sent to relieve suffering, not to help a war and Hersh known that. Then to call it The Auschwitz is nothing but blasphemous malice to enliven a speech. Since Hersh and his audience know well how wrong such foul remarks are when made of Vietnamese, he has no excuse nor did the student who asked slyly why I got so excited. In the meantime I have called to obtain information to my belief that the hospital ship was there to help all, and I am confident to be proven fight. Union there is an apology, Hersh and the Institute of Politics must stand discredited. Peter V. Thomas

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