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The division races in the House intramural leagues are starting to take shape, and certain teams are moving to the forefront as possible powerhouses. In hockey. Winthrop, Leverett and Mather are the top teams, while in basketball Eliot. Radcliffe, Winthrop and Kirkland all have at least one undefeated team. Leverett is the top team in squash.


Leverett is the strongest team in the NHL division. It has a 3-0 record and has outscored its opponents 13-1. However. Floyd Wilson, director of Intramural Athletics, said that "Winthrop and Mather are still the teams to beat." Winthrop is second in the NHL with a 2-0-1 mark, and Mather leads the WHA division with a 2-0 record. Mather has outscored its opponents 14-1.

Radcliffe is 2-1, in third place in the NHL. There are four teams tied for second place with 1-1 records in the WHA.

The showdown between Winthrop and Leverett will be on January 16. The winner will probably capture the league title after playing six games in the regular season.


Eliot leads the "A" basketball league with a 3-0 record. Radcliffe is in second place with two wins and no losses. The two squads will meet on January 15.

To round out the first division, Winthrop, Mather and Kirkland are all 2-1 and are also strong contenders. Mather lost to Winthrop. Winthrop lost to Kirkland, and Kirkland lost to Mather, but none of these teams has faced the league leaders.

In the "B" league, Winthrop and Kirkland are tied for first place with 2-0 records while Leverett and Eliot have 2-1 records.

Winthrop House leads the "C" league with a 2-0 mark. Dunster Lowell and Eliot are all 1-1.


Leverett is 3-0 in the "A" squash league with Quincy right behind with a 2-0 record. The two teams will not meet because of limited squash scheduling.


There will be playoffs after the hockey and basketball seasons. Wilson said that "the athletic secretaries are not sure what form the playoffs will take. They could be divided either into leagues or stronger and weaker teams."

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