University Will Release Quarterly Hiring Report

The University will release today its third quarterly report on hiring, according to Walter J. Leonard, special assistant to the President.

The report details figures on woman and minority hiring by department and job classification, as required by the Department of Health, Education and Welfare (HEW).

Harvard, along with all colleges, universities and other institutions receiving Federal aid must annually negotiate with its regional HEW officer an Affirmative Action Plan aimed at ending discriminatory hiring practices.

Separate Plans

The Plans, which are settled separately with each institution, are based upon figures the institution must collect documenting how it fills its job openings.

Under a revised presidential Order No. 4 on civil rights "an acceptable affirmative program must include an analysis of areas...deficient in the utilization of minority groups and women" as well as "goals and timetables to which the contractor's good faith efforts must be directed."

Harvard risks losing Federal funds if it fails to settle a satisfactory plan or refuses to submit figures required by HEW. The Government is presently withholding $13.8 million in Federal contracts to Columbia University for failure to comply with HEW guidelines.

HEW invalidated Harvard's first Affirmative Action Plan, submitted Nov. 2, 1970, because it didn't outline specific goals and timetables. The second plan, submitted and accepted in February 1971 was invalidated last August by the revised order No. 4.

The latest plan is due April 1.

According to a spokesman for the New England Regional Office of HEW the main areas which remain to be worked out in Harvard's plan are the "specific steps" each department will take to fill job vacancies.

"The present plan is deficient in that it only states intent: it doesn't say what they actually plan to do," the spokesman said