Ho Kahe, a documentary on problems facing South Dakota Indians, with Johnny Cash and Senator George McGovern. 5, April 15. Chan. 4.

Wide World of Sports. Ping-pong between U.S. and China. 5, April 15. Chan. 5.

Sherlock Holmes and the Woman in Green. 11, April 15. Chan. 56.

Merv Griffin. Millionaires H.L. Hunt and Bill Lear are guests. 4:30, April 17. Chan. 7.

The Big Broadcast of 1937. Comedy with Jack Benny, George Burns, and Gracie Allen. 1:05 a.m., April 18. Chan. 4.


A Public Affair - Election '72: "Cash and the Candidates". Sander Vanocur explores campaign financing. 8, April 19. Chan. 2.

Book Beat. "The House of Life: Rachel Carson at Work." 10:30, April 19, Chan. 2.

All in the Family. 8, April 15. Chan. 7.

Firing Line. Buckley in the hot seat: three former Cambridge University students question him about American conservatism. 8, April 16. Chan. 2.