Strike to End the War

Without American military and financial support, the Thieu regime, which is opposed by its own people, could not long survive.

In the United States, the war has soaked up billions of dollars which could have rebuilt cities, fed the hungry and cured disease. The war has also destroyed the confidence of the American people in their own government.

Not since the Cambodian invasion has the Nixon government's aggression in Asia so urgently demanded protest from the American people. The antiwar feeling that coalesced into a national student strike two years ago delivered an ultimatum to the Nixon Administration: You cannot expand the war in Asia without risking massive disruptions at home. This ultimatum was instrumental in foreign the American invading force to withdraw and in precluding the use of American ground troops in Laos.

In response to the present crisis, the eight Ivy League newspapers join in calling for a one-day moratorium on business as usual Friday. We urge our presidents to suspend university activities on that day, and we encourage all students and faculty to help shape further actions at general campus meetings.

We call upon all Americans to join in massive demonstrations of protest in New York. Los Angeles and San Francisco this Saturday or to engage in some other effective form of protest.


It is time once again for the American people to voice their outrage with the Nixon Administration's continuation of the war. Student demonstrations should not be directed against our universities but rather against the government.

Nixon has said, "All our options are open." We say: "Our only option is to withdraw all U.S. support from the Thieu regime and to cease all American military activity in Indochina."

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