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To the Editors of the Crimson:

It would have been nice if the PALC and Afro-American Association occupiers of President Bok's office exhibited a sense of proportion. As if their two penny heroic antics during the occupation of Massachusetts Hall were not enough, they now offer a plea for amnesty from the consequences of their supposedly moral and revolutionary action. This plea strikes me as grotesque and the anti-Harvard pronouncements associated with it are pathetic.

I recognized a number of the signatories to this plea for amnesty and nearly all of them are beneficiaries of financial and from Harvard. Currently perhaps is per cent of Harvard's scholarship grants are expended on Negro students who comprise 6 per cent of Harvard students.

I am aware, of course, that for better or worse we are in an era where he who pays the Piper no longer calls the tune. But our black militant Pipers are really men of little character, for their militancy lacks a sense of equity. I doubt that the black community can expect any viable contributions from such militants, for underlying their amnesty request is something disturbingly and profoundly immediate. Martin Kilson   Professor of Government.

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