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By David F. White

What began as a disappointing crowd of 60 people come to hear Sen. Thomas F. Eagleton speak at Lowell Lecture Hall, ended as an impressive throng of 200, wasting their time in the winner cold last night. Eagleton didn't show.

The Missouri Democrat, who had been scheduled to speak at a Harvard Law School Forum here, was 15 miles away behind a podium at Wellesley College.

Mark Mazo, president of the Harvard Law School Forum, explained the foul up. "He was at one time scheduled to speak tonight, but since it was during the Law School vacation, we decided to postpone it," he said.

"Notices about the appearance ran in The Gazette and The Crimson, but they were not authorized by us, Mazo said. "We didn't advertise or put up any posters and assumed that would be enough to keep people away."

The 200 people in front of Lowell Lecture Hall didn't fell that way. A variety of rumors had Eagleton speaking in Ames Hall at 8 p.m. Lowell Lecture Hall at 9:30 p.m., and not being in the Boston area at all.

The crowd waited until 8:10 p.m. at which time a Law student called Mazo's room, and learned from Mazo's roommate that the appearance had been cancelled.

Mazo himself was at Wellesley, listening to Eagleton, who had begun speaking out there at 7:30 p.m. under the auspices of Forum, a Wellesley student activities group. Stephen Nelson, a Forum staff member said, "Eagleton is supposed to be here until 9:30: he's been scheduled for several weeks.

A woman from Newton turned to her friends and said, "Gee I feel awful. Did you get some dinner? I've got cold chicken in the icebox." For those without the icebox and the chicken, exams begin Friday.

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