Ulam Complains to Commission About Bike Riding in the Yard

Adam B. Ulam, professor of Government, has asked the Commission of Inquiry to try to eliminate bicycle riding in the Yard.

"Something has to be done," Ulam said yesterday. "Once in a while you have people racing through the Yard on a bicycle. Pedestrians in the Yard have been injured by bicycle riders."

Ulam said he asked Administration members to solve the bicycle problem, but that "they moved slowly" so he took his complaint to the commission because it "stirs up action."

Bicycle riding in the Yard is against University regulations.

George F. Carrier, McKay professor of Applied Physics and chairman of the commission, officially accepted the complaint yesterday and said there is a probability of 93 per cent that 3.7 students will be struck by bicycles in the Yard during the next two weeks.


In a written statement that he said was "facetious," Carrier claimed: "So acute is the reaction to the continuing peril that pedestrians are preparing a charge of grave misconduct and neglect of duty against the members of the commission."

Carrier said he would try to solve the bicycle problem by publicizing it throughout the University.

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