The Mail

To the Editors of The Crimson:

I write in reply to what I feel were inaccurate remarks made about me by Chris Hagert in "Why Vote" (The Crimson, Oct. 30). In it, Hagert mentions me as a "young Agnew", exaggerates my Cambridge School Committee Campaign funding way out of proportion, and implies my only interests are long range and material gain. I must say that I not only resent being compared to an incompetent convicted felon like Agnew for no justifiable reason, but I also resent Hagert's reporting on my campaign without checking his facts or interviewing me.

Hagert states that I have $7000 in campaign expenses, which is a gross exaggeration. I have received as of today less than $400 in contributions and have been financing this effort largely out of money I earned while working as a hospital clerk and swimming pool director and Red Cross Instructor since November, 1971.

As a non-Civic Association or Common Slate Candidate (I do not believe in slates, especially when they're made up privately), I do not have access to the fat-cat or liberal mailing list that Hagert's endorsees Tim Callahan, Eric Davin, or Mary Preusser have. I must reach these people, if I can find them, personally or with personal funding--and it hurts when you must pay out of your own pocket. Preusser, Orie Dudley, Peter Gesell, Alice. Wolf, and Dave Wylie all have over $2500 in funding behind them.

Hagert quotes Eric Davin's speeches in this piece confirming that he did speak with some candidates. I am incensed that he was willing to make rash and inaccurate statements about me without even paying me the courtesy of checking his facts. Glenn S. Koocher '71   Candidate for Cambridge School Committee