'Go B--U!!!'

Dum-dum-dum da da-da-da, dum-dum-dum da da-da-da, dum-dum-dum da da-da-da DUM DUM DUM--"GO B--U!!!"

Anyone who has every been to a Boston University hockey game has had to put up with the Terrier band incessantly banging out the 'dum-dum-dums' followed by obnoxious fans screaming "go B.U." at the top of their collective lungs. Not only is the chant every other minute or so irritating but it's not even a B.U. original. It was first used at Boston College, but the Eagles fortunately let it fade out until B.U. picked it up as a sort of anthem.

The last time I had to listen to all this was the opening round of the Beanpot Tourney last season as the Dogs whipped the Crimson, 8-3. It was bad enough to sit in the grimy Garden and listen to the Terrier fans woop it up yelling "Go B.U." as Harvard trailed by five goals, but I had to listen to it during the ride home as well.

My roommate and I sought refuge from the gloating Terriers on the green line trolley (you call that refuge?) after the final horn had sounded. The unfortunate thing about it was that all the B.U. faithful crowded on the same dingy little trolley with us.

This wouldn't have been all that bad except that my roomie plays the bass drum for the band, and it's a little difficult to remain anonymous when you're with a guy carrying a drum with a big red 'H' on it. 'Dum-dum-dum' all the way to Park Street Under. They were even beating it on the Harvard drum.


Hundreds of these Terrier fans are going to be at Watson Rink tonight, band and all, beating their little hearts out. The sad thing about it is that there will be little retaliation from the Harvard fans. With the demise of Section 18 and the large number of politely applauding alumni, it will be difficult to generate any significant noise with which to psyche out the B.U. hockey team or its fans. As one former Harvard player said about the Crimson's home ice advantage, "There are two types of games at Harvard, away games and neutral ones."

This year, more than ever, I'd love to see those Terrier worshipers go back to Boston with a taste of their own obnoxiousness. But without Section 18 it will be damn hard. Maybe if the band picked up a new chant; dum-dum-dum...

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