Some Expos Teachers Oppose Changes in Expos Curriculum

Members of the Expository Writing teaching staff have expressed deep dissatisfaction over scheduled changes in the Expos curriculum next year, a recent Crimson survey shows.


Five of those surveyed said they were dismayed that they were not consulted about the changes. They said they were simply informed in a staff bulletin that a new program would be instituted.

Some also expressed opposition to the concept of a uniform Expos course with a final exam and required texts.

The Crimson survey indicates a mixed reaction to the new curriculum among teachers of the course. "I hadn't decided whether or not I wanted to teach Expos again next year, but now I'm definitely not going to," one teacher, who asked not to be identified, said. "The new plan leaves no opportunity for teachers to fashion their own course."


Several teachers polled said they approved of the new program. "It sounds pretty grim, but perhaps it [Expos] went too far in the opposite direction," Robert Oden, a former teacher of the course, said.

Program Shocked Some

Jean H. Slingerland, assistant director of Expository Writing, said last week that some teachers were "shocked" by the new program. "Others share with me my sense that this is very much what students want these days," she added.

The changes in the program, announced in a staff bulletin on December 4, include the elimination of most middle-group courses and the creation of a uniform Expos 10 course. Two basic texts will be required in the course as well as a final examination.

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