BOYLSTON HALL, Structure and Form: paintings by M. Farris Nobblitt, through Jan. 31.

THE BUSCH-REISINGER, Ernst Matthes (1878-1918), through Dec. 15.

CARPENTER CENTER, Experimental Color Photography, work of five European photographers, through Jan. 6.

THE FOGG, Newly Re-created: Photographic Printing Processes Revived, through Dec. 2; Nihon Koten Bungei: The Courtly Tradition in Japanese Art and Literature, through Dec. 17.

HILLES LIBRARY, The Early Ceramic Internal Combustion Engines of Jeremiah Rippe (ca. 1805 1868) through Dec. 21.


MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS, Unearthing China's Past: recent archaelogical discoveries in the People's Republic, through Feb. 3.