Rock and Folk


Rock lovers will have to warm themselves this chilly weekend with memories of last weekend's Dead marathon. Folk and jazz freaks will do better.

TOM RUSH, LINDA RONSTADT--Tom Rush still has one of the smoothest voices to come out of Boston and splendid taste in the songs he sings. The combination of Rush with Linda Ronstadt, one of the most powerful and versatile of country rock singers, should be splendid. Ronstadt had a fairly inauspicious beginning singing a song which I think was called "Different Drum" with a short-lived group, the Stone Poneys before starting out on her ever-improving solo act.

CHRIS SMITHER--Like Rush, Chris Smither is a local boy making it good in the musical diaspora. Smither has the studied loneliness of James Taylor, but a few things Taylor lacks--wryness, variety, a voice that can sing blues. He is, in short, talented. Like many of his cohorts who established quite a folk community here some years ago, Smither is heard in the neighborhood ever more rarely--all, the more reason to see him in the congenial atmosphere of Passim.

FOR FAITHFUL JAZZ LOVERS--Two veteran jazzmen are giving concerts in Boston this weekend, drummer Buddy Rich at Paul's Mall and trumpeter mously talented, but a night of drum solos at Paul's Mall--like a night of most anything at Paul's Mall--has the makings of a real bummer.--P.M.S.

TOM RUSH, LINDA RONSTADT--Fri. Dec. 14 at the Orpheum, $4-$6.


CHRIS SMITHER--Thurs. Dec. 13 through Sun. Dec. 16 at the Passim. Call 492-7679 for information.

HOWARD McGHEE--Fri. Dec. 14 and Sat. Dec. 15 at Debbie's in Boston.

BUDDY RICH--Through Sun. Dec. 16 at Paul's Mall. Call 267-1300 for information.