HSA Hires Plane To Replace Flights Cancelled by TWA

HSA Student Travel Agencies has averted a possible dilemma by chartering a Saturn Airlines flight to accommodate most students with reservations on two HSA Charter Flights cancelled earlier this week.

The new charter booking comes in the wake of an unsettled TWA air strike which enters its 44th day today. TWA had promised fuel allocations for HSA's charter flights to California but was unable to provide planes because of the unresolved air attendants' strike.

Three-hundred and fifty Harvard students with reservations on C1 and C3 flights were advised last week to seek alternate transportation. The new arrangements with Saturn were completed this week in response to HSA's requests for alternate carriers submitted several weeks ago.

HSA will charge $250 for round-trip reservations on the new charter flight, a $70 increase over the rate charged for the original TWA flights. The plane will depart December 21 and return January 11.

Though the new charter offers 98 fewer seats than the flights arranged with TWA, HSA believes it will be able to accommodate all students needing transportation to California this Christmas.


If total accommodation proves impossible, however, HSA will give priority to students who made reservations early in the fall.