Informal Club Replaces J.V. Basketball

Now that junior varsity basketball at Harvard is a thing of the past, assistant varsity basketball coach John Harvey has organized a new semi-official squad which he feels will allow players to play a formal schedule without the formal atmosphere.

The team has ten members so far, seven of whom played freshman basketball for Harvard last year. There is a seven-game schedule through January, and Harvey said he hopes to add more games as the season progresses.

Harvard Classics

The team, called the Harvard Classics Basketball Club, played its first game Nov. 19 against the MIT junior varsity.

Harvey said he organized the club two weeks ago for ballplayers who couldn't or didn't choose to play with the varsity basketball program. He said the team is open to anyone with an interest. The team has no regular practice time, but the IAB is open to them for practicing on weekends, Harvey said.


"We pick up guys as we go along," Harvey said. "I didn't want to try setting restrictions or scheduling formal practices."

The Classics have already played three games. They beat the MIT junior varsity and the Browne and Nichols Preparatory School last week. Monday, the team played the Wentworth College of Technology varsity, defeating them by a convincing score of 93-43.

The squad will oppose a team from the Billerica House of Detention at Billerica tomorrow.

All of the teams games but one are away. Transportation is provided by Harvey and the players themselves.

Play J.V. Schedule

Many of the teams now on the Classics' schedule were slated to play the Harvard junior varsity squad before that program was canceled last week. The varsity coaches voted to drop the junior varsity program after only three ballplayers responded to efforts to organize a team.

The players seem to enjoy the present team arrangements. However, a few ballplayers aspiring to play varsity ball next year said they regret that no way could be found to salvage the unsuccessful junior varsity program.

"I'd prefer playing junior varsity to playing this type of ball," said Ron Volesky, a starter on last year's freshman basketball squad. "I think it would be more constructive for me. But I like playing with this team because it does keep a competitive edge on the game and it's a lot of fun."

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