Junior Varsity Icemen Shut Out Huskies For Two Periods, Take Easy Victory, 9-4

The Crimson junior varsity icemen almost shut out Northeastern last night. It would have been better than "almost" if hockey matches only had two periods.

Harvard kept a lead throughout the contest, winning by a healthy 9-4 margin. It was a clean victory, but the icemen really wanted to send Northeastern home without any points to their credit.

You could feel Harvard's determination each time they slammed one of the Huskies up against the boards. You could see it in their aggressiveness in taking the puck out of Harvard territory when it was brought that far down the ice.

Harvard prevented the Huskies from scoring any points all the way through the first two periods, but when the two squads came back onto the ice for the final period, Northeastern played like a whole new team.

After a minute and a half of play, Northeastern made an unsuccessful drive toward the net when Harvard goalie Steve Perry stopped the puck between his knees. But before he could throw it back away from the net, Northeastern's Desjardins skated by and tapped the puck through Perry's legs into the net.


Northeastern scored again less than two minutes later. Three minutes after the Huskies' second goal, Harvard's Paul Haley, with an assist from Fred Paul, ran the Crimson tally up to nine. The Huskies then scored two more goals, each three minutes apart.

In the second period--Harvard's "finest hour"--the five goals scored came from five different players--Piatelli, Scannell, Wilson, George and Howes. Carr said that his JV players did so well because there are so many of them: because of the rapid turnover, a player does his best when he does get on the ice.