CHUL Approves Decrease In Male Freshman Class

The Committee on Houses and Undergraduate Life (CHUL) yesterday to recommend that Harvard admit 125 fewer students to each of the next two freshman classes in order to ease the current housing problem.

The recommendation will be sent to Dean Rosovsky who will make the final decision on the size and sex ratio of next year's freshman class, Merrick B. Garland '74, chairman of CHUL's subcommittee on admissions, said yesterday.

Rosovsky said yesterday that he "will take what CHUL recommends very seriously," and that he has not yet reached a final decision on the size of next year's freshman class.

Rosovsky said that he hopes to make his decision before late January.

Avoid Overcrowding


The most important consideration is insuring that this fall's overcrowding "episode" does not occur again next year, Rosovsky said. Rosovsky said he plans to consult with President Bok, members of the Harvard admissions committee and members of the Radcliffe community before deciding.

Garland said the recommendation met some opposition from CHUL members who felt there should be some reduction in the size of the female freshman class at the same time the male freshman class is reduced. The recommendation proposes that there be 475 women and 1,050 men in next year's freshman class, and 475 women and 975 men in the following year's class.

When asked whether he was concerned that the CHUL recommendation violates the 2.5-to-1 sex ratio guideline, Rosovsky said, "I'm not going to argue over two decimal points."

The CHUL subcommittee on the freshman year presented its report describing three methods for housing first-year students next year, which include the controversial proposal to stop assigning freshmen to Radcliffe next fall. However, no action was taken on the report.