BOYLSTON HALL, Structure and Form: paintings by M. Farris Nobblitt, through Jan. 31.

THE BUSCH-REISINGER, Ernst Matthes (1878-1918), through Dec. 15.

CARPENTER CENTER, Experimental Color Photography, work of five European photographers, through Jan. 6.

THE FOGG, Newly Re-created: Photographic Printing Processes Revived, through Dec. 2; Nihon Koten Bungei: The Courtly Tradition in Japanese Art and Literature, through Dec. 17.

HILLES LIBRARY, The Early Ceramic Internal Combustion Engines of Jeremiah Rippe (1805-ca. 1868) through Dec. 21.


MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS, Unearthing China's Past: recent archaelogical discoveries in the People's Republic, through Feb. 3.