Ecology Group to Hold Forum On Black Rock Forest Report

Opposes Sale

The Harvard Ecology Action group last night voted to sponsor a forum concerning Black Rock Forest, a part of which Consolidated Edison wants to buy from Harvard to build a power plant.

The group also decided to investigate alternative methods for hydroelectric power and various ways of using the forest.

The group took the action in response to last month's special committee report to President Bok recommending that Harvard take no action to prevent construction at Storm King.

The dispute concerns about 240 acres of the Black Rock Forest, which the University received in 1949 as an endowment.

Lance R. Matteson '74, president of the Ecology Action, explained at the open meeting in Harvard Hall that the administration had given signs that it would be receptive to new inputs concerning Black Rock Forest.


Matteson said that Daniel Steiner '54, general counsel to the University, "tends to sympathize with Con Ed, but he'll listen if you go to him with facts to back you up."

He said that he thought a forum would present a chance for both sides--the environmentalists and Con Ed--to clash and perhaps inspire student interest in the issue.

Ruth C. Streeter '76, president of the Ad Hoc committee to Save Storm King, admitted that a new plant is needed to provide power for peak periods, but said that "It is a very important case for environmentalists to win." Con Ed has maintained that it needs to build the power plant to meet the summer power crisis.

The group also discussed newspaper recycling, and decided to maintain its present program of weekly pickups at all of the Houses while working towards an institutionalized method whereby Harvard would directly take charge of all paper and solid waste recycling.