Science Center Is Opening Up Earlier Than First Scheduled

The newly constructed Science Center is operating this month at approximately 60 per cent of its eventual total capacity.

Richard G. Leahy, assistant dean of the Faculty for resources and planning, said yesterday that the contractors are ahead of schedule for the Science Center.

The Center is a $18.5 million project and will house the Mathematics and Statistics Departments. The Center will also have a 250,000 volume library and provide lecture halls, laboratories, and classrooms for science courses.

Allan E. Erickson, science specialist in the University Library, said yesterday that the new science library will merge the existing Lamont Library science collection with parts of the Hilles Library collection.

He also said that the Jefferson Physics Library will be moved in its entirely to the new library.


The library will open next September, Leahy said.

"The new library will be a very pleasant place to study with hours comparable to those of Lamont Library," Erickson said.

Already Operating

Presently the center is operating some of its classrooms and most of its laboratories. Richard C. Lozeau, assistant to the Director of the Science Center, said yesterday that most of the classroom space is already in use.

Four lecture halls with an approximate total capacity of 1200 will be ready for the summer. A cafe area is being furnished and prepared for operation beginning with the 1973-74 academic year.

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