JFK Library

The current plans for on-grade parking may just be a temporary solution to give the architects more time to develop an acceptable related facilities building while exploring, at the same time, off-site parking possibilities.

The Task Force report to Corcoran included the first official mention of off-site parking, saying, "The ways and means are a key issue--whether on-site or in part allocated to areas accessible to the site but geographically removed from it."

The most frequently mentioned location for parking is the land in Allston near the Cambridge entrance to the Massachusetts Turnpike, from which a shuttle bus could run to the other side of the river.

Other feasible parking areas are in Western Cambridge, and especially attractive area when the Red Line subway extension is completed in that direction.

The construction of the Kennedy Library will not begin until the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority vacates the site now used for storage and repair of subway cars.

MBTA officials are still aiming to vacate the area by the end of 1973, but Boyer and Keyes both doubt that the schedule will be met or that the land will be available for construction before March 1974.

The City is equally worried about the tax potential of the Library site, which would have been enhanced by the construction of condominium apartments.

In defining the City's stake in the Library plans, the Task Force report said, "The Kennedy development necessarily involves special costs to the City of Cambridge--costs to that will not be totally met by the potential tax revenue it may generate."

The participants in the review process will include Theodore A. Monacelli, associate professor of Urban Design, representatives of the Cambridge Seven, an architectural firm, and Boyer