Crimson, MIT Stickmen Clash For Cambridge Crown Today

Cambridge won't exactly explode when the winless Crimson and MIT lacrosse squads clash for the City championship, but the stickmen (0-9) are apt to light a few fuses today at 4 p.m. on Tech turf in their best prospect of a win this season.

Tech Coach Ben Martin has virtually conceded the contest to Harvard. "It looks like it's going to be another long afternoon," he said yesterday.

The MIT ten--which has played lesser competition than the Crimson according to Martin--boasts a record of no wins and 11 losses.

An added factor in Harvard's favor is the fact that right wing defenseman Charlie Kittredge returns today after a three-game absence.



Martin cited sophomores Rick Bye on defense and George Braun on attack as the lone standouts. As to which MIT unit has displayed lacrosse prowess, Martin said, "I wouldn't say we have one."

Harvard won its 12th straight Cambridge City Championship last year with an 18-10 triumph over the Engineers. Attackman John Hagerty scored eight goals and three assists to pace the '72 victory.

The tilt today marks the beginning of the fat end of the season. Saturday, the ten travels to Princeton, a week from today it visits Dartmouth, and on May 12, it will host Yale in the finale.

Yale and Dartmouth will be fighting it out with the Crimson for the rights to the Ivy cellar.