Two Harvard Seniors to Coach Radcliffe Tennis and Squash

Seniors Dan Gordon and Peter Briggs just can't get enough of Harvard. Both of them will return after graduating this year to co-coach Radcliffe's tennis and squash teams.

Briggs and Gordon, veterans of Harvard's squash team, will replace this year's squash coach Perla Hewes and temporary tennis coach John McCarthy. They expect to begin working in November, Gordon said yesterday.

Gordon said that he and Briggs will probably handle their teaching responsibilities together, rather than on alternate days. The double instruction will be a new experience for Radcliffe racquetwomen. "We're going to give them extra-close attention," Gordon said.

Background in Sports

The two seniors have substantial backgrounds in squash, tennis and coaching. This is Briggs's second consecutive year as national intercollegiate squash champion. He has been number one man for Crimson squash since his freshman year, when he played number one for the freshman team.

Gordon played Crimson squash for three years, and was number three racquetman last year. This year he forsook squash, and instead ran in last month's Boston Marathon.

Gordon has previously taught three different sports, including football at the Dexter School in Brookline last fall and a stint for the "Leverett House Bunnies soccer team."

Both of the newly appointed coaches have taught tennis in past summers. This summer they will work in Duxbury as assistants to Corey Wynn, Harvard freshman tennis and squash coach.

Next year's opportunities look lucrative for the two racquetmen, because they have two other irons in the fire.

Gordon said they will probably give squash lessons in the mornings next year, taking over this teaching position from Corey Wynn.

Briggs, Gordon, and three other seniors are trying to set up a sports store in either Cambridge or Concord. Despite difficulties in finding a building, they are hoping to set up shop some time in the fall. If the store plans are realized, the new coaches expect to divide their time between coaching Radcliffe sports, teaching squash and running their store.

Briggs and Gordon will be meeting Thursday with Mary G. Paget, assistant to the director of Radcliffe Athletics, and their appointments will be confirmed then. As of now, their selection is definite, but unofficial.

Paget was unavailable for comment on the new appointees yesterday.

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