Booters Will Battle Big Green Today In Struggle to keep Unbeaten Record

On the heels of last weekend's Harvard upset of Cornell, 1-0, the Crimson varsity soccer team to so at least as well today against Dartmouth.

Harvard faces a Big Green squad on its home turf today, but the minor advantage may not do the Dartmouth booters much good as they go against a bigger, more experienced Crimson squad.

Unless Dartmouth has made some startling changes since its earlier matches, the Big Green should prove an easy opponent. In this season's play Dartmouth's overall win-loss record is a very poor I and 5.

New Coaches

Both teams have new coaches this year. Harvard's George ford has been able to whip his players into form in a surprisingly short time, while the Big Green's Tom Griffith has been suffering the breaking-in blues.


The Crimson, following Ford's Olympian program of one strenuous workout after another, has managed to build up a 2-0 Ivy record for second place in the League, but Dartmouth's aforementioned record has earned only third, tied with Cornell.

Today, as in last week's match, Harvard will depend heavily on the defensive abilities of goalkeeper Ben Bryan, who was credited with 15 saves against Cornell. the Pepper Pike, Ohio, sophomore has been doing an inordinate share of the work in recent contests. Today should prove no exception when Bryan gets his defensive assignments.

Sophomore Star

George Ford will not have to depend entirely on his defensive players, at least as long as sophomore Lyman Bullard remains on the field. Cornell's soccer coach Dan Wood called Bullard the Crimson's best players after last Saturday's match, which just about makes that title unanimous.

The fires of the traditional Harvard Dartmouth enmity will be fanned even further this morning by memories of Dartmouth's loss to Brown last week, 5-3.

The Big Green did not allow the Bruins an easy victory, however. Until the Brown blitz in the second half, that contest was tied 2-2, thanks to some serious defensive work by Dartmouth and two assists by Bruce Boker, who is credited with feeding 5 goals so far this season.

The match this morning in Hanover, N.H., is an important one for the Crimson booters, who were not paid much notice nationally until last week's upset. If they are not victorious this morning, then the pundits will regard last week's victory as a fluke, and put the Harvard squad back into the "also ran" column.

Nonetheless, George Ford is doing his best to live up to his pre-season promise of producing "an exciting brand of soccer."