Armed Youths Flee With $477 In Theft at Winthrop House

Three armed youths took $477 in cash at gunpoint from two Harvard seniors and four others in a Monday night robbery at Winthrop House.

The robbers, wielding a knife and a silver-plated revolver, forced Michael K. Griffin '75 and Timothy B. Morgan '75 to the floor in their K-entry room along with their four companions. They then tied the students with rope and robbed them.

Sgt. Lawrence J. Murphy, spokesman for the University police, said that the youths entered Winthrop's K-entry, a white three-storied house facing the river, at about 10 p.m., but no evidence of a break-in was found.

Grant G. Geiger '74 received head lacerations requiring six stitches when one of the youths struck him after warning him not to raise his head.

The three other victims in the hold-up were David Geiger, Grant's brother, Kenneth Beck, and a woman the University police declined to identity.


Griffin and Morgan were unavailable for comment about the incident.

William R. Hutchison, master of Winthrop House, declined comment on the robbery pending a closed meeting of the House's senior staff