Rock Steady

Dum dum dum da da-da-da, Dum dum dum da da-da-da, Dum dum dum da da-da-da, DUM DUM DUM "SCREW B-U!!"

Next Monday night the Harvard hockey team will get a chance at it. The squad earned the rematch with the troublesome Terriers last Monday night with an 11-6 whipping of the Boston College Eagles in the opening round of the Beanpot Tournament.

It wasn't exactly a pretty win, as 12 players had just had exams that afternoon and the squad had not played or practiced together since the Cornell game.

The timing was off on the passing and defense, and the squad was not yet back to peak game condition. But the offensive guns took care of the game as ten different players beat Ned Yetten.

It was a big win for the team, a very big win. And from the post-game reaction of the fans, a casual passer-by might have thought that Harvard had just won the national championship or something.


The final buzzer had sounded and the fans began to file out to the subways. (That is, the Harvard fans began to file out. Most of the faint-hearted Eagle supporters had opted to leave earlier in the period.) The Grimy Garden emptied, but the Harvard band played on...all the way to Harvard Square.

The Orange Line was serenaded with such classic fight songs as "Ten Thousand Men of Harvard" and "Harvardiana" from North Station to Washington Street Stations, as bewildered drunks and little old ladies looked on in amazement.

The band and various Crimson supporters debarked at Washington for the Red Line to Harvard Square. The crowds at the Washington platform swelled as several train-loads of students combined there to wait for the Harvard train.

Meanwhile, at Park Street Under, a huge mob had collected of those who had taken the Green instead of Orange Line from North Station. The electrified crowd occupied the time with chants of "We're number One," while several zealots took the campaign right down to the tracks. One of the less-than-sober fans climbed out after his fall by calmly stepping on the third rail, to the shock and dismay of gasping onlookers. He was not hurt.

The two mobs met as the modern MBTA "Silver Bird" rolled into Park Street from Washington, with the band striking up such immortals as "Yo Ho, The Good Ship Harvard" from the first car. The Green Liners greeted the train with a rowdy ovation as they banged on the windows waiting for the doors to open.

And when they did, just about everybody climbed into that first car with the band. The Silver train was like a sardine can with wall-to-wall rowdiness.

An excited fan ripped an advertisement off the wall and held it above his head for the throng to see. "Erma Bombeck Writes for the Boston Globe" received a chorus of cheers as her picture was thrust up above the rabble.

Erma, however, would not have wanted to be there to receive the accolade.

The band struck up the B.U. chant, and the mob voiced its opinion of that school with a resounding and unanimous "Screw B.U." at the top of its collective lungs. The fans pounded on the ceiling, windows and whatever else was handy at the time, in tune to the chants and various fight songs.

"One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven...WE WANT MORE!!!" was a frequent cry of the jubilant victors. And they did want more, they wanted B.U. They'll get the Terriers next Monday night in the Beanpot finals. And if Harvard wins that one...