Sports Clubs' Financial Picture Bleak; Members Criticize Athletic Department

[This is the first of a two-part series on club athletics.]

"We were completely on our own this season," Harvey said. "Luckily we borrowed an old set of Harvard uniforms and used my own basketballs."

"Since we had one home game out of 22 games this season, there were minimal referee costs. I chipped in myself for transportation for away games," he said.

The Classics replaced the JV basketball team, phased out on a "temporary" basis by the Athletic Department. Money for the JV program was transferred to the needy varsity team, Harvey said.

Next year, Harvey said he hopes to apply for outside financial aid, hopefully from HEW, since the cagers have assisted in several recreational programs.

Selling Cookies


"We might just end up selling cookies or something next year," he said.

"Our $5-a-year dues don't quite carry us through the season," table tennis captain Anders Carlsson '75 said. "Everyone inevitably chips in for gas on road trips and we spend a lot more than $5 per person."

Carlsson said the 10 regular members of the team asked the Athletic Department for funds last June and were turned down. "Further negotiations would be futile," Carlsson said. "Nothing is left to be said."

The table tennis team plays an Ivy schedule against well-financed teams like Yale and Brown. Yale pays a coach to direct the squad and Harvard pales in comparison to the expenditures by other schools.

Dan McLean '75, captain of the rifle club, said the club's $15 dues cover only the cost of ammunition. Other necessities include targets and travelling expenses.

"My biggest complaint is that there's no money to repair equipment," McLean said. "I ask the department for financial help every fall. We've been asked to submit our budget...nothing happens."

The club owns four "very worn-out" rifles, he added. Members usually bring their own weapons to practices and meets.

"I think Yovicsin is sympathetic, but he has his hands tied," McLean said. "It's hard to realize though that Cornell fields a full varsity rifle team and that Yale and Princeton have 'varsity-clubs' that get partial support from the school. Dartmouth pays for its rifle team's hotel rooms, travel and ammunition."

"The Harvard department hardly recognizes us," he said. [Tomorrow: The Athletic Department responds.]