Senior Women Begin to Plan For Protest at Commencement

A small group of senior women met last night to begin plans to organize a women's protest at Commencement on June 13.

Proposals centered around a suggestion that women march in a separate group during the procession, rather than by Houses to express solidarity. "Even a small group of women would be highly visible, while the rest would just disappear into the sea of men," one person at the meeting said.

The women at the meeting, organized by Class Marshall Susan G. Coles '74, expressed a need to react to the way the University has treated them, and "to show that we are not considered part of the University," one woman said.

A second meeting will be held one week from today at Philips Brooks House to discuss the specific content of the protest, which may include the demands of the striking printers and typesetters at Harvard.

"We want to do something somewhat dignified but not futile or objectionable, like starting to scream when Bok opens his mouth," another senior said.


Another proposal included carrying caps and gowns instead of wearing them, but doubts were raised concerning the number of possible participants willing to join in this type of protest.